Thursday, January 8, 2009

what word say about istrael vs palestina

The recent issue of establishing regular trade and diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Israel now opens new perspectives of Indonesia possibly contibuting to the peace process in this region as mediator (Such a role would be in good Indonesian tradition: during Sukarno's presidency, Indonesia's Garuda Regiment took part in UN forces guarding the peace in the Gaza Strip).

USA og konfliktene i Palestina og Afghanistan

Robert Fisk: America's morality has been distorted by 11 September
'It's as if all the lessons of history, in Afghanistan and the Middle East,
have been tossed into a bin'
07 March 2002

In Afghan fields, the poppies blow. Yes, even as the Americans are moving deeper
into the Afghan trap, the warlords and gangsters running much of the
western-supported Afghan government are ensuring a bumper new crop of heroin for
the world's markets.

The UN have warned of this, of course, but nothing is being done. The "war against
terror" comes first. The broken roads and highways of Afghanistan are now ribbons
of anarchy and brigandage and murder across the country. The pathetic little force
of peace-keepers in Kabul cannot control all of the capital, let alone the rest of
the country. The Interim President, Hamid Karzai, can scarcely control the street
outside his office. But the "war against terror" comes first.

Pal Hidas

I think, not most of the Palestinians, because Jordan even today has
a "Palestinian" majority. The question how we define Palestinian and
Jordanian. The Hasemite Kingdom is a nomad beduin kingdom, in this mean
only beduin nomads are Jordanian. The settled arabs are Palestinian.
The wife of king Abdullah is also a Palestinian. The PLO was kicked off,
not the Palestinians.
The semite people living around that area had several names, also the area
had several names, but probably the population was not changed so often.
The semite word Kanaan means probably the same like the Greek Phenicia,
i.e. comes from the "sea fruit" which is the source of purple (magenta)
dye. I do not know the English name of that animal ( seashell ?, clam ?,
scallop ? ).

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