Thursday, January 15, 2009


We all are obviously here for one reason, to express our love for what we love; sports. We also want to meet people that share what we love, I've met some great people here who love sports and are not afraid to showcase their opinions. But when I was writing my mega fantasy football series, the question dawned at me; why do we love sports?

Yeah, good question, why do we love sports? Is it because of the joy it brings? How about watching the team you loved for so many years become one of the best (White Sox fans)? Or is it just because we can watch it and relax from everyday troubles?

I don't have the answer why the world has fallen in love with the sport. It's not an easy answer, though, I do know why I love my sports and there is not one single reason. Why do I watch the Indianapolis Colts? I've been a fan during the Jeff George, Jimmy Harbaugh and now the Peyton Manning days. I remember the 3-13 season of 1998 to the AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. While I can't remember much of the George days, it must have been painful to watch. Now, why do I enjoy the Colts? Easy, I've fallen in love with the team, I want my wife's hair dyed white and my hair blue on the day we get married. Though that's a long way from now (I have to find someone willing to first) but it goes to show the lenghts people go for sports.

Why do I like the 3 Philly teams (Phills, Sixers, Flyers)? They are hometown and I have an affliation with each of them. The Phillies have been inconsistent since '93, but it's fun having that feeling each year thinking; "This has to be the year". The Phillies have brought in Kevin Millwood, David Bell, Jim Thome, Billy Wagner and Jon Lieber in the last few years and you are always thinking that, "This is the year". But when September comes, the choking begins and we prepare for our year in 2006.

So what about the Flyers and Sixers? I was suffering during the lockout days and even though my favorite NHL player, John LeClair, is now gone, I still love this team. Peter Forsberg is great to have and Simon Gagne has been a favorite the past 3 seasons. We always feel the need that we have to have a good goalie. Hextall was great, John Vanbiesbrook was good at times, then came Brian Boucher/Roman Cechmanek and Jeff Hackett who did not provide the long-term spark we needed. Robert Esche seemed like "The One" but now Antero Niittymakki is the one who needs it.

So why do we love sport? You are the one who has to answer that question but while some may be front runners, we are all a part of the Best Damn Sports Nation (sorry jbold)!

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